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freckled moray

- Siderea prosopeion (or S. thyrsoidea) -


http://www.starfish.ch/collect ion/morayeel.html



Scorpion Leaffish Scorpion-Leaffishes come in many colors from white, yellow to pink or black. They are very thin with a strongly compressed body and move like a leaf or piece of sponge, so they are very well camouflaged. Like all scorpion- fishes they are poisonous

- Taenianotus triacanthus -

Schaukelfische kommen in vielen Farben, über weiss, gelb zu braun und schwarz sowie ein starkes Pink. Ihre Körper sind sehr dünn und sie bewegen sich wie ein Blatt oder ein Stück Schwamm, sind also sehr gut getarnt. Wie alle Skorpionfische sind die giftig

http://www.starfish.ch/collecti on/scorpionfish.html 

Flathead -
buried in the sand

- Thysanophrys -

im Sand eingegraben

http://www.starfish.ch/collect ion/benthicfishes.html


Whitespotted puffer
hidden in coral

- Arothron hispidus -

Weissfleck Kugelfisch
versteckt in Koralle

http://www.starfish.ch/collect ion/puffers.html





Striped Catfish
Plotosus lineatus (Thunberg, 1787)
A school of Striped Catfish. Striped Catfish can be recognised by its striped colouration, barbels around the mouth, and its body shape which tapers to a point posteriorly. Small juveniles are black and large adults may be less distinctly striped. The Striped Catfish grows to 35cm in length. It eats mainly benthic invertebrates and algae with larger individuals sometimes eating small fishes.

Spotfin Squirrelfish
Neoniphon sammara
The Spotfin Squirrelfish is silvery-pink above and silver below. It has a red to black spot on each scale and a red stripe along the lateral line. The common name refers to the large dark red spot at the front of the dorsal fin. This species has a compressed body and a projecting lower jaw. It has a forked caudal fin and strong spines in the dorsal and anal fins.

The Spotfin Squirrelfish grows to 30cm in length.

Malapascua Ray, Moray, Scorpion Leaffish, Flathead, Puffer, Doctorfish and other.

Blue spotted Ray, Rochen

Malapascua Island 

Facts+Description of Malapascua (9e),SeaLife6

Visayan Sea, Cebu, Philippines,

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